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Shout for Eco Students - Life of an Eco (H) student..

Economics (honours) is one of the most sought-after courses in Delhi University. Offered by the majority of colleges under D.U, this course witnesses inflated cut-offs annually. The job prospects and other options pertaining future of the students studying economics is a major topic of conversation amongst these students. What is it like to live the life of an economics (honours), student? What are the expectations, experience, desires and dreams of any student majoring in economics?

Foremostly the students doing this course are presumed to be smart. Primarily because they scored well in their respective board exams.  this, however, is not true. Economics being a subject of numbers and analysis constantly tests your knowledge and in-depth understanding. It has no correlation what so ever with the percentage secured in class12th. Whatever topics that were touched upon in senior secondary classes were merely introductory in nature and can easily be regarded as the tip of the iceberg. Students might as well end up questioning their passion for economics because it will only get more complex. Topics like IS-LM curves, Monetary and fiscal policies and crowding out etc are some of the topics which are hard to comprehend when heard about for the first time.

Secondly, students who make it to economics (honours) are majorly the ones who have secured above 95% in board exam, hence their expectations are high from themselves and the course. However, it might be a big blow to them when they receive their first-semester result, as they haven't scored as brilliantly as they used to. Understand this, the evaluation methodology practised in school was starkly different from the one practised in colleges. Hence the idea of scoring becomes a relatively understated way to gauge the level of understanding. Some students despite the pressure of societies and cultural events might end up scoring higher than those who have been studying semester round, it must not be taken in bad light, and attempt to study more and learn more should be made always.

Thirdly, it is assumed that the students pursuing economics will definitely get a job after the third year. This might also not be true in all the cases. A student studying economics might as well not get any job initially. It depends on a variety of factors, some of them being: outreach of college placement cell, the overall result of the student, performance in the interview conducted and of course the aptitude of the student. Getting the job may sound like end goal of getting an education and hence people might assume that doing economics might be a guarantee of getting a job, but this is not true.

Lastly, when considering future prospects, it is often assumed that every economics graduate might want to pursue masters in business administration. Well, this is also not true, as there is a wide range of career options from where students can make a choice. They can either apply for job or masters in economics only apart from having an option to give C.A.T and do M.B.A.