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Cracking the most difficult paper of Eco (H) & Maths (H)

The most difficult papers in economics and mathematics honours

Undoubtedly economics honours and mathematics honours are the most sought-after course and annually experience inflationary cut-offs. However, the students who make it to the final list have another ordeal awaiting them. That's the task of faring the course well. This includes understanding the text and getting the best grade. 

The curriculum of economics honours in Delhi University offers a variety of core papers during the course of three years which are mandatory for students to pass. It includes subjects like introductory microeconomics & macroeconomics, Indian economy, Intermediate microeconomics & macroeconomics, development economics, mathematical and statistical tools for understanding economics. All these papers have their own complications and point of ease. There is no way a student would not be able to grasp these concepts if given time. However, it must be kept in mind that the student should not underestimate these papers because they have been introduced to some of these concepts in class twelfth. It is important to know that the courses and the teaching methodology in college are drastically different, hence with the introduction of topics like introductory econometrics, IS-LM curves and imperfect market structure it is necessary for students to pay extra attention to the concepts alongside regular practice.

Similarly, the curriculum of mathematics honours in Delhi University also offers papers like calculus, real analysis, algebra, differential equations, the theory of real functions, group theory, multivariate calculus, partial differential equations, Riemann integration and series of functions, Ring theory, metric spaces, group theory and linear algebra. The difficulty level gradually increases from the first semester to the last semester. Students need to pay extra attention or else they will pay the price. Mathematics is not difficult if closely understood and well practised. The papers continually test students in the branch of algebra and their passion for mathematics is nearly on the line with ever complicated topics like partial differential, Ring theory etc. The paper seeks to involve practical applications so that the students learn the real value of the subject. The importance of mathematics as a tool in various other subjects like astronomy, physics and chemistry. The basic application involves understanding conic sections, Kepler's law, atomic size etc.

Hence on a concluding not, no paper is 'the most difficult'paper, any paper which hasn't been well understood will seemingly appear harder to comprehend. Unless graphs are well practised, questions are solved and concepts are revised, every paper of these two subject will be difficult.