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5 things that make Delhi University different from others..

Delhi University arguably occupies the principal position when it comes to the most preferred universities for undergraduate studies. It attracts the crème de la crème of the student crowd and receives a staggering average of 2.5 lakh applications each year. The attributes that make DU stand out amidst other universities are the attributes that make it so appealing to the admission seekers. The best part is, it surely is worth all the hype!

Rankings- With 79 colleges in its bucket, Delhi University is the winning horse in the race of ranking in India. Spread across 69 acres, it stands 7th in the NIRF rankings among the Indian Universities and holds a position of repute even amongst the universities in Asia and globe. DU has 1st and 2nd top colleges of Commerce, number 1 college of Arts and Science and the 2nd best Engineering college. The startling number of admission applicants speaks volumes of the stature of the university. It has also produced notable alumni all through the way.

Best in class features- The state-of-the-art infrastructure, exceptional faculty, good placement records and modern education techniques make the university nonpareil. Each college has its own library, canteen, Wi-Fi facility, hostel (in some colleges) and lush green campus. The University also has a central library and world-class stadium.

Campus life- DU colleges are one of the trendiest. All the latest fashion, round the corner food joints serving relishes and constant entertainment set it apart from others. There're a lot many hangout points around the campus for escapades. You get to be a part of such diverse and amazing crowd. DU undoubtedly gives you 'college vali feeling'!

Not just academics- You'll always find a plethora of events going on in the college all round the year - Elections, college and departmental fests, seminars, workshops, freshers' and farewells. Sports activities and games are also organised for athletic peeps. There're college societies for almost any skill you can think of, which provides a platform to engage yourselves. 

All round development- DU colleges provide you with ample opportunities to interact with the world outside and hone your mettle, to ace not just academics but worldly wisdom too. You get to supervise events, deal with companies, meet eminent personalities, only if you actively and enthusiastically get involved in college activities.

DU colleges are fabricated to provide you one of a kind experience. The finesses that you pick up here guide you lifelong. The conversance with the real world that you gain, despite all its frailties, is worth it!