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Ink Pot online has come to life, to help students across their learning lifecycle. With the changing lifestyles and need to focus on overall development of the student, it’s important that students excel in education as well as extracurricular activities. With the increasing competition, students tend to be running a marathon between school / university / corporate office and the next learning center to ensure they understand the concepts well. In doing all this, unknowingly, they let go all the other activities, which help them grow an individual rather than just as a student only.

To break free our students from all this, Ink Pot is bringing together high quality curriculum content, developed by leading faculty in India at a press of a button. Now students can plan all their extracurricular activities, without worrying about extra classes, coaching classes etc. and study from Ink Pot Learning App, anytime of the day, anywhere.

Our R&D team comprising of tenured, respected faculty and corporate leaders have analyzed the need of students across their lifecycle and developed customized content to address students need. Leveraging leading Learning and Development tools, we have used innovative techniques like rich video animation, concepts teaching through case studies by students who recently exceled in respective courses to connect well with student pain points, interactive simulation etc. This has helped us in making the learning experience more interactive, fun and easy to remember for our users.

We at Ink Pot take pride in doing all that will make the learning process easy and fun for our students. Thus, we are using leading technology to transform the way India learns today. Some of the best in class features we are bringing to our students are –

Learn Anytime, Anywhere – we don’t want you to invest in hardware like tablets, pen drives etc. Our content can be downloaded on your existing devices. Once you download, learn in Offline Mode also Personalized Attention – ask your doubts to your mentor through Chat Sessions Opportunity to help others – if you know it, write it in your peer group chat and help others Write Right to Score Right – introducing for the first time, online subjective answering. Write your answer and our algorithm will review and inform if any improvements are required to score as per your university pattern

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